Website re-vamp and projects to come.

Well, the website needed some serious refreshing so I hope you enjoy the new and more intuitive layout. Links are now completely functional and projects have been neatly organized and labeled.

Unfortunately the Mexican documentary fell through. I was really looking forward to editing and composing for that project but some things just aren’t meant to be. That aside, here’s to the future. It appears that STS will be hitting the studio hard this summer for a new full-length album. All I can say about it is that it will be summer related and exotically influenced. Cheers for more nostalgic, ambient chillwave.

I’ve also been in contact with a few clients about new work. Hopefully there will be some singer/songwriter material and heavy metal posted up by the end of summer. Looking quite forward to that. Also, Psychobilly is incredibly fun to play on guitar. I need to record some and get it up here.

The song I wrote for Mr. and Mrs. James Potter was successfully performed at their Wedding reception. I made the groom cry like a big watery baby. Chalk that up to one of my favorite memories of all time. Apparently my best man speech wasn’t too bad either.

Now to wrap this up. If you’d like to contact me about possible mixing/mastering, sound designing, composing or low-profile recording I have a newly established Contact Me section.

Thanks again for stopping by and seeing what’s up here at Boldy Sound and Music.


Places From The Past and something to do with Mexico

Well I’ve released my very first full length album in partnership with the one and only Kris Thompson. Its a milestone for me that I’m proud to achieve. I believe there’s a definite professional sound to this album and a mark of progress in my sound production development. So far I’ve heard good things from the few listeners that we have and our listener base grew by 20 percent with this release. That doesn’t mean a whole lot since we only had 20 Facebook fans after the release of our EP A Moment In Time. But any progress is good progress.

Since it’s release we’ve decided to work on a few other projects while brainstorming ideas for even more projects. Needless to say, I’m going to be a busy busy lad this year.

Also, I’ve been requested to do some composing and translating for a new up and coming Mexican Documentary. I’ll have more to say on that when I know more about it. Funny how that works.

I’ll leave this short little write up with the Permalink to the album and with the foreshadowing of… Psychobilly???

Sepia Toned Synapse

Ladies and Gents, we’ve done it. We’ve explored the new and exciting genre of Chillwave and have come out with Sepia Toned Synapse. This collaboration between Kris Thompson and myself has tested many of our abilities and knowledge in composition and music production. However I believe the end product has more than justified the means of obtaining it. Our short EP entitled Moments in Place holds 4 tracks of diverse nature and feeling.

Kris had introduced me to bands such as Boards of Canada, Tycho, Washed Out, Snog, and Mogwai sometime ago and had paved the way to many nights falling asleep and driving to the ambient textures they create. After discovering a program called Dropbox, we were able to share files within minutes despite the near 200 miles between us and dive into this new genre.

So without further adieu, I bring you STS…

Something is Coming on the Horizon

Though I’m keeping this hush-hush for now, I felt that I should at least release some information on my most recent toiling. I’ve begun another collaborative project with a good friend of mine (though who to be exact can’t be said yet) and we’re progressing in a style that I have never practiced before. I’m excited about this for multiple reasons:

I have the opportunity to work with someone else’s talent and gain new perspectives on what I do.

I’m working with new techniques and methods that I’ve never experienced.

The end result will be another project that I can be proud to add to my portfolio.

There are several more reasons that I’m excited but these are the most significant ones. I really wish I could say more but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for my friends and future listeners. Please stay patient and I sure hope we can impress you with what we will soon unleash.


We’re on Facebook!!!

I finally got a facebook page for this website. Yay!!!

Butcher Gets Press on MetalSucks!!!

The Butcher Butches in Hell got press in MetalSucks. I’m pumped because this was a fun album to work on for me and the guys in the band deserve the recognition even if its a little.

“Oh, and hey – someone sent me a link to his band The Butcher via Twitter, and fortuitously enough, they’re pretty good! Still a new, mostly improv project, but they’ve definitely got some nice scummy sludge potential brewing. Check out The Butcher here.” -GrimKim of MetalSucks

Up and Running!

So I’ve done some tweaking since my last blog. Please take notice to the added pages and links to the right —–>

The links will take you to some of my other websites or websites where some of my work is. Also, the pages have samples of my work ready at hand for you to check out!

So now with a functioning website I’ve started sending resumes around the country and filling out applications to anywhere with a slight resemblance of my field. Who knows who will take me in or where I’ll end up but I have a positive outlook for the future to come. Next to come to you will be samples of The Wizard of Oz which I had the pleasure of sound-designing for in February through March. Take care and keep coming by to stay updated!


Hello world!

Hello blogosphere, I am Justin Boldenow otherwise known as Boldy. My goals are to create and manifest the emotions and thoughts of myself and others through sound and music. Essentially what I aim to do with my life and career is to bring ideas, thoughts, emotions, and feelings to life and translate these entities into the humanly spoken language of sound. This is important to me and crucial to my work as I’ve found that words are limiting and insufficient when describing what we feel and the experiences we have.

How I aim to do this is through my experience with recording, editing, and producing sounds and music. As an adolescent in highschool, I found that the greatest tool to convey the turbulence and drama of my teen years was through guitar. As I worked toward completing my Bachelors in Sound Design, my composing skills increased as I practiced guitar regularly and acquired a Composition minor and a basic music theory education. My work with Audio Dramas, Theatre, Film, Music Production and the university’s radiostation WMTU helped me to realize my gift of bringing emotion to life and gave me the experience and knowledge to do it professionally. It has been my passion to help others convey their music and internal ideas and so I was able to do so by  founding a record label and producing bands such as the MTU Jazz Lab Band, The Butcher, Jazztec, and Momentum.

Out of college now for 3 months I’ve designed the ambiance and sound effects for a production of The Wizard of Oz. I’m still looking for more opportunities in the Sound and Audio field ranging from Theatre, Film, Broadcasting, Live Sound and anywhere in between. I’m also very interested in meeting people in similar fields to broaden my horizons and learn more so please get in touch!

My professional LinkedIn page can be found at:

My music and compositions can be found here:

My sound effects and ambiences can be found at my bandcamp here:

Above The Bridge Records: also follow us on Facebook!

Please contact me as my resume and contact info will be posted soon!